Isabella Gamez


I was born in Anaheim Hills, California where I lived a small amount of time then I moved to Querétaro Mexico to study Spanish at an all girl private school where I learned how to be proud of my Hispanic heritage. Shortly after I moved back to California and stayed in Oceanside where I’m currently living and studying as a sophomore in El Camino High-school. 

I am proud to be a local of Oceanside since I moved there in 3rd grade. I had two amazing parents that helped me overcome all my fears and were the biggest supporters I could ever asked for, they support me in every way to helping me do my best in any sport I tried to giving me cheesy advise about life they were always there for me and I also had a lovable brother that would always have my back no matter what and took care of me and showed me how I can be whoever I wanted to be and no matter what he would always help me find a way to achieve my goals.

I joined Junior Civitan Club, which is a community service organization for students to participate and make the world a better place through local projects, outreach programs, volunteering at their schools, and helping people with developmental disabilities to help our community and help us become a better person. As I joined JC in freshman year not knowing how much I would fall in love with the organization and meet a new family that helped me be who I am and it helped me share my ideas to make the world a better place. JC opened my eyes to what I wanted to do when I was older which was helping people and my community.

I joined Radio Latino Foundation in 2017 to help empower youth and implement programs that would help students graduate early with a goal to attend college and become a professional at an earlier age. In 2020 we raised with the help of Global Premiere Staffing over five thousand toys, food, clothes and computers for nine communities in Tijuana, B.C México including three migrant shelters with over 500 hundred children.

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