Leonardo Arias Montoya


During his career as an officer in the National Police of Colombia, he held high-complexity positions in special operations groups for 5 years. He also contributed his experience in electoral areas assigned by the institution, thereby gaining insight into the mechanics of the electoral system and the complexity generated by social issues in different regions. His personal values instilled by his family, well-known high standards, extensive experience, and education serve as the pillars of his dedication to serving in the field of security.

He has acquired competencies for a 21st-century leadership model, expanding his education and profile through the completion of high-level management diplomas and certification as a consultant, internal auditor, and Quality Manager. He has trained leaders based on science, technology, and innovation and obtained certification as a cybersecurity analyst from IBM-Google.

With over 21 years of experience in strategic managerial roles, he has made significant contributions to important organizations in various economic sectors in Colombia. He has achieved demonstrable excellent results that have ensured the continuity of businesses under his responsibility. Additionally, he has effectively managed vulnerable communities in high-complexity areas due to their critical history of armed conflict.

Building synergy and maintaining excellent relationships with people in general has been another cornerstone of his career, as well as his outstanding relationships with communities in critical areas and his strong connections with civil, police, military, ecclesiastical authorities at the national level, and more.

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