In entrepreneurship there is a basic notion that must be constantly remembered, that is innovation. Innovating will help to find more alternatives than you think possible if you look in only one direction. However, there is also a force that can change the rules of the game when it comes to entrepreneurship, and that is unity among women.




Sharing the same gender and the same vicissitudes in starting small businesses has made women entrepreneurs need to cooperate with each other in order to succeed in today’s economy.

Therefore, it is inevitable to talk about female entrepreneurship in this century without mentioning the great advances that support groups, associations and communities have achieved in the subject. But it is also true that there is still a long way to go in this area.


The vitality of unity among women

The dynamism of the world is amazing, you just need to close your eyes to be confronted with new prospects and discoveries. We also need to understand that we are part of the change and that it is essential to manage competition properly in order to be a successful woman.



However, women entrepreneurs often share the same barriers in their small businesses. For example, their fear of failure, lack of vision in their projects and lack of certain knowledge or skills.

All these failures can be overcome as long as we are aware of them, and how they are able to stand between us and success. Therefore, the fear of failure can be overcome; as well as expanding our perceptions and educating ourselves about certain skills and knowledge. 

There is a solution to every obstacle, but how does unity among women influence this? If you focus on nature, an example of this will be in lionesses. They form herds made up of females, managing to cooperate with each other and protect themselves. On their own, they would not survive, but in groups they are strong.

This parallelism can be applied to women because the creation of a group of close friends will prevail as a strength in the most complicated personal moments. When going through a breakup or divorce, even if you have children to take care of in rotation according to the free time of each one. A kind of family is formed, a kind of unity.  Interestingly enough, the same thing happens when talking about business.


At a personal level

Unity among women beyond the work aspect is related to the psychological aspect. A women’s support group can do wonders for a woman’s self-esteem. Not only that, but by creating a safe place to vent and talk about the complications of everyday life.

From a very young age, women seek to create and be part of a group of friends. This is visible in childhood and especially in adolescence. These are the ages when they begin to establish sentimental ties with other people, and when they suffer from the vulnerability of inexperience. 




In adolescence probably most women have their first romantic relationships, however, a teenager will be prone to go through a whirlwind of emotions, confusion and in case of having a relationship with someone problematic, will be involved in power games, abuse, obsessions, etc.

Subjectivity and manipulation will make the adolescent not realize this, nor will she tell her parents out of fear or disapproval. Instead, she will share her doubts with those close to her. This is when having a group of contemporary friends will help to put into perspective what is right and what is wrong. They will be supportive and will guide you until you gain more experience in life.

The same situation is repeated as you grow older and mature, finding peers who can feel and experience the same things you do will foster a healthy mindset. Especially when you have each other. If it is possible to keep friendships from adolescence, the bond will last longer, but if not, unity among women can happen at any age.

Even today women are becoming more aware of how important it is to be united with each other. The changing times, and how women’s lives around men have ceased to exist, have brought out the vitality of women’s unity once again.


At a business level

Although business is business, it is undeniable that many women entrepreneurs start that dream idea they have with a friend or family member. Partnerships between women are a space for shelter, as well as for the recruitment of more women. Especially depending on the type of economic activity that is carried out.

Those women who dedicate themselves to the preparation of home-cooked meals or who open a small hairdressing salon, focus on hiring other women. For convenience, the same vision and similar character. 




This is another example of the unity of women and how it can be a potential source of employment. Empathy is a very important factor when it comes to the female gender, so it is not strange to realize that certain hires in smaller ventures have happened because they have a similar story to the owner. Also having a commitment to the mission of the venture as such.

In times of pandemic, it has become a priority to support local businesses. Those neighborhood stores or artisans, as well as the businesses of friends or family so that they can breathe and sustain themselves until they find stability.

Focusing on the women’s unit it is important to concentrate on the female creators. Those who have not given up in the face of the obstacles created by the current situation. Recommending their products or services, as well as sharing their publications to make them known through social networks, will help to mark a before and after in their development.

How to support women’s unity?

There are thousands of opportunities to support small businesses. However, many times, due to lack of initiative or information, people are discouraged by this task. However, once this is taken into consideration and all this is raised as a purpose, the rest will be much simpler to do.

Here are some practical ideas to support women’s entrepreneurship by joining together as women:


Buy directly from startups

Small or start-up brands have a magic that is incomparable. That of effort and customization. For this reason, when you buy from women’s businesses you will be able to notice the effort and quality put into each of their services or products.


Also, by buying directly from them, you will give them all the profits they deserve and you will be able to encourage them to continue in the market. Likewise, it can grow and even more remarkable, it is a possibility to expand. Thus, generating more jobs, perhaps to other women.


Recommend through your social networks

When an acquaintance tells you how well she ate at a certain place, you will be curious to check if it is true. It is the same case when you feel satisfied with the products or services of an enterprise. 



Offering this type of publicity for businesses will be a great help. Counting the kind treatment that was received or the quality of the product, are invaluable attractions that will be collected over time. Even giving likes and commenting on your social media posts will help.

And in case you have enough confidence, it is always possible to give recommendations on digital platforms or online payments that can be implemented to improve your service.


Why support the women’s unit in entrepreneurship?

The reasons to support women in their ventures are abundant, and will foster the creation of a strong and collaborative community. Likewise, when you buy a product or purchase one of these services, you will also have advantages such as:


You will get sustainable and unique products

Although it is not a norm, it is an indelible trend, the enterprises usually offer sustainable and environmentally friendly products. They also tend to purchase raw materials from local suppliers. 


In the same way, the dedication that is given to each product or service will be the best possible, because they are eager to grow and be recognized.


You will enjoy unbeatable customer service

This situation is repeated with regard to customer service. For an entrepreneur, her customers and keeping them will be paramount. Hence, the attention will be personalized and have the intention that you as a customer will come back at a new opportunity.

Being served by the owner of your own business is not comparable to any other type of treatment sincerely.


Short delivery time

Another advantage is that delivery of products is usually short. By concentrating on local purchases this is what is guaranteed, and by not handling exorbitant amounts of orders, this is something that can be better understood.

In short, you get the best version of a product or service with the greatest care and speed. It is a very attractive offer that no one could refuse.

Article by: Sonia Morffi



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