Entrepreneurship attracts the attention of all kinds of people, because there are millions who want to be their own bosses and offer their community an innovative product or service. However, it is also true that among so many entrepreneurs, not all share the same personality.


In fact, there are personality archetypes that will define the behavior and priorities of each one. There is a little bit of everything, from those who are more conservative, to those who are more risk-takers, as well as those who value the “soul” of the business, and others its practicality.

But the most important thing is that each of them has its own advantages, those that make them stand out from the rest and make them unique. Although it should be noted that there is no single personality that is more likely to succeed. Thus, according to consultant and author Eduardo Remolins, these are 8 types of entrepreneurs that exist:

Personality #1: The Inventor

The first of the personalities is that of “The Inventor”, who as his name gives clues about his approach, is a type of entrepreneur who is inclined to start innovative businesses that present something new to the landscape. 

The Inventor

Their strengths are their creativity, ingenuity, intuition and originality. So, they tend to be very dreamy people with high standards. They also have their weaknesses, which are that they are not very planful or consistent. 

These weaknesses are what drives them to sell their business or leave it up in the air when difficult situations arise. The solution to give him the necessary push is to ally him with an analytical partner, such as the architect or treasurer.

Personality #2: The Treasurer

The treasurer’s personality corresponds to a very strict, hands-on type who has an affinity for practical tasks such as accounting reports and cash flow. These are skills that will lead him to maintain a proper order of the finances of the entrepreneurship. Planning is his forte.

The Treasurer

But as a weakness, they are not very skilled at negotiating, so they need to work together with personalities that tend to do so, and they do not have a great taste for innovation. So, they will work best with archetypes like the artist, innovator or captain.

Personality #3: The Architect

Architects are defined by their consistency and the application of an efficient working method on their own. Their strengths include their ability to create efficient production systems, not only these, but also sales and distribution systems.

The Architect

That is why architects in the company of treasurers are able to guide productive and very profitable entrepreneurship. However, their weaknesses are that they do not take as many risks as they should, and their creativity is quite limited.

Personality #4: The Artist

The artist is a type of entrepreneur who loves innovation and spreading the word about their product or service through the channels available to them. They are excellent at establishing business relationships and attracting consumer attention with a variety of strategies. It is an extroverted and highly creative archetype.

The Artist

As for their weaknesses, they are poor planners, and even have problems with project management.

Personality #5: The Captain

Again, as the name implies, the captain is one because he leads. So, it is the type of entrepreneur who has a talent for being in charge, is an innate leader and knows perfectly how to lead others towards the success of a common goal. Another advantage is that he is a good motivator.

The Captain

But his weakness is that he finds it difficult to give orders, precisely because of his connection with his work team. He is very empathetic, excessively so.

Personality #6: The Chancellor

The Chancellor is a negotiating personality type. Among his advantages is his excellent listening skills, adding how good he is at maintaining interpersonal relationships. For this reason, he is able to reach good agreements, and carry out projects with a very high complexity, no matter how much collaboration they require.

The Chancellor

On the other hand, his weakness is that he lacks imagination. So, he will do a better job if he teams up with more creative personalities.

Personality #7: The Merchant

The Merchant’s strengths are that they are very skilled at negotiating, as well as convincing potential customers that they have a good opportunity with them. They also stand out for being pragmatic people who are satisfied when they see results, results are everything to them.

The Merchant

As their main motivator is profit, this leads to the fact that they are not very reliable, also they have problems with facing difficulties in relationships with others.

Personality #8: The Collector

Regarding the collector, they are known for being patient as well as analytical. This makes them able to manage time perfectly, they do not get desperate for long term investments, because they know that they are just that, long term investments.

The Collector

They can also detect when it is ideal to buy and when it is ideal to sell. Their weak points are in creating solutions, they are not very good at this.

Article by: Sonia Morffi



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